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"tilly forest" is an enchanted realm based on the "emerald isle" where all mystical & magical beings, including my favourites the infamous "little folk" inhabit…  this realm is visible to all who simply just "BE & BELIEVE"

we are all told to grow up at some point in our young lives by a grown up & with this advice the majority of us lose that magical seed that make us believe that anything is possible,.. this seed "IMAGINATION!"

our imagination is the greatest gift that we have all be graciously given and that we more often than not, sadly forget or stop using it.  If you can imagine something, then this is the start of a probable possibility, that anything is possible!.. this is what keeps all that is magical alive and here at "tilly forest" it most certainly does that!!!

this shopping experience will give you much more than just a product!  you will have the reassurance that your items have been handpicked and checked by "the little folk" themselves!  including information on the "fae" themselves, what they do for us, what they may look like and of course where you may find them..

just a word of warning… before you continue on, here at "tilly forest" we have described faerie as "the little folk" or "fae" and I tell you this because, the more you use the modern fairy description as their name they generally don't like this and can become quite mischievous and mess with you and your day!!!

but please don't let this put you off following the footsteps of many greats artists, poets, authors and storytellers in keeping "the little folk" tradition alive…

please enjoy your experience at "tilly forest"

thank you

welcome to "tilly forest"